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Introduction to
IFS Therapy

Explaining Internal Family Systems Therapy
as a therapeutic approach

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Playlist & PDF 2:
IFS Therapy techniques

The IFS-Approach to Therapy. 
How to help our parts
to transform our life

These videos teach you the basic IFS-Approach to Therapy.
In these Videos I present to you the basic steps, tools and principles that the Internal Family System is based on. I will cover basic questions, like:

  • How do we work with Protectors that are creating problems in our life?
  • How do we help Exiles to let go of the pain they have held for so long?
  • What does it take for the Self to be the Agent of Healing in a person?
And I will introduce the most important tools and questions IFS uses:
  • How can we unblend from Parts?
  • How can we test our own Self-Energy?
  • How can we learn the Positive Intent a Part has for our life?

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