I offer sessions to support you
with the topics, questions and challenges
that are important to you right now.



Be free, to 

  • be who you really are.
  • become who you are meant to be.
  • work in the way your heart knows is possible.
  • and relate in the way you truly want.



Breathe, move, laugh, dance… Let who you are ooze out of your pores.

Live, love and contain yourself in your highest highs and deepest lows.

Enjoy yourself in this body.


Touch and be touched…

Be intimate with yourself and others.

Allow yourself to be seen, touched and held.
And allow yourself to see, touch and hold others.

I offer you Sessions

Sessions with me are time and space for you.
And they are here to support you in taking the step that really matters to you.



How can you help your Parts and Patterns?

Recognize the Survival-Patterns of Being that – once needed – create suffering in your life.

And find more freedom!


Who are you?

Find out who you really are – beyond all patterns and beliefs.

And root yourself in your essence and source.


How deeply can you enjoy your body?

We use bodywork, movement and somatic awareness to regulate and ground.

Move, play and enjoy embodied being.


What are the small things you can do every day?

Instead of hoping for that big change that is going to fix you and your life:

Take the smallest possible steps every day – right now.

My work is based on

  • The Internal Family Systems
  • Up to date knowledge about Developmental Trauma
  • The Holistic-Bodywork approach
  • High Performance Coaching
  • Extensive work on intimacy & relating (Circling)
  • Enlightenment Intensives


And understandings of

  • Our Psyche as containing both Parts and Self (Internal Family Systems)
  • The human nervous system (Stephen Porges, Peter Levine)
  • Modern research in cognitive and social psychology (Timothy Wilson, Ron Kurtz)
  • The spiritual base of personality and consciousness (Peter Ralston, AH Almaas)
  • The developing field of Developmental Trauma (Laurence Heller, Bessel van der Kolk)

What people say about my work


  • I offer Sessions in-person and via Zoom.
  • Sessions are can be booked individually and in packages (coming soon).
  • Prices for individual Sessions are:
    • 60 Minutes – 95 Euro 


I am currently fully booked and have a full waiting list

But please feel free to reach out to me, so I can see if I can refer you to other facilitators.

Thank you for your understanding.