Bring visual clarity to your
offers, content and business model
so people can SEE the obvious benefit
of working with you.

It can be really hard to translate our transformational work
into simple messages that our ideal clients can easily understand.

What makes this task a million times easier
is if we have a simple drawing
– like a diagram, mindmap or flowchart –
to accompany our words.

Visual descriptions really help ideas land.

That is what this is about:

George Kao, Authentic Business Coach:
“Lucas is one of a kind — he can take your complex (or not) business ideas, framework, content, and turn it into simple drawings that generate clarity for yourself and for your audience. Lucas has a gift! I hope you’ll tap into it to bring more inspired simplicity into your business.”

  • Being unclear on what exactly your offering is or how to translate what you do into concrete services or products.
  • Frustration with trying to describe what you actually have to offer so that people see the value in buying from you.
  • Feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out what content to create for your business.
  • Having multiple things you love to do – but have difficulties figuring out how to bring them together to serve your clients.
  • That feeling that something is missing from how you explain your offers and the methods you use, it feels clunky.
  • Space and time to really think your business through – in a way that your brain LOVES.
  • A clear, simple business model that allows you to stop pondering your offers and instead focus on action.
  • A clear (visual) model of your approach so people truly get what you are doing.
  • Simple pictures and sentences that will help you and your ideal clients to see the value of what you offer in a clear and compelling way.
  • A clear offer that you can communicate.
    Confidence on what makes you and your offer UNIQUE – how it is different from people in your niche and how you can infuse it with your personality.
  • Concrete ideas for content you can immediately use.
  • You are looking for a simple, down to earth way to describe your offer and business – rather than a hype-based pitch “BUY THIS” message
  • You are looking clarify and simplify what will help you move forward in a simple and sustainable way.

Either 2 monthly sessions (30 minutes each)
or 1 monthly Session of 60 Minutes


Access to two 75-minute call to work ON your business. 
This is a mixture of quiet time and a chance to get help from others using a very specific feedback process called “the idea basket”. 


The possibility to ask questions around your business which I will answer visually on my own time

Dates for Group Calls:

  1. Second Wednesday of the Month, 19:00 CET (Berlin) – 10 am LA, 1 pm NYC. 
  2. Fourth Tuesday of the Month, 17:00 CET (Berlin) – 8 am LA, 11 am NYC.

(wanting to stay anonymous)

“As someone who teaches at university myself, I know how hard it is to present information in a simple and digestible manner without becoming too simplistic.

Thus, I am all the more amazed at how effortless Lucas manages to explain complex material in a way that is both intuitive and insightful.”


$ 75 Euros a month 
(minimum 2 months)

(This is an exclusive launch price I can offer to 5 people.)

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