Video Course & PDF 1:

Introduction to IFS

On this page you find a (more or less) complete Introductory Video-Course to the Internal Family System for personal growth.

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IFS Crash-Course 1:

The IFS-Model of the Psyche
Why we do, what we do.

These videos teach you the basic understanding IFS has of the our Psyche: Why do we feel the way we do? And why do we act the way we do?

These videos will introduce you to all the important concepts as they are understood and used in the Internal Family System:

  • What are Parts?
  • Why do some Parts do things that hurt us or others?
  • Do we really all have an Essential Self?
  • And how can we deal with old pain in our system?
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IFS Therapy-Intro 2:

The IFS-Approach to Therapy
How to help our parts
to transform our life

These videos teach you the basic IFS-Approach to Therapy.
In these Videos I present to you the basic steps, tools and principles that the Internal Family System is based on. I will cover basic questions, like:

  • How do we work with Protectors that are creating problems in our life?
  • How do we help Exiles to let go of the pain they have held for so long?
  • What does it take for the Self to be the Agent of Healing in a person?
And I will introduce the most important tools and questions IFS uses:
  • How can we unblend from Parts?
  • How can we test our own Self-Energy?
  • How can we learn the Positive Intent a Part has for our life?

You can also find a free PDF as an introduction to the most important steps and questions of IFS-Therapy.  

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Additional written articles: 

Video-Series 3:

Beyond IFS-Therapy
Exploring the Depth of Self

These are more exploratory videos that go beyond the traditional IFS understanding. Most of these Videos explore an experience of “Self” that goes beyond the 8 C’s as they are described in IFS. 

The core concept behind that is the “Depth of Self”, that our experience and connection to Self can have differing depths – some going way beyond feeling compassionate or curious. 

These ideas are at the core of my work and offerings. I would love to hear your thoughts on them!

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