Who am I?

Hi, my name is Lucas Forstmeyer.
I support people in their growth towards freedom, intimacy and aliveness.

And I teach Coaches how to use Parts Work in their Sessions.

My main work revolves around Parts Work and the somatic exploration and integration of Essential States of Being.

I studied Philosophy and Psychology, am a trained Coach, Therapist, Bodyworker and studied with a Sufi-Teacher for 5 years. My current work consists of leading Sessions, Online Groups and the Holistic-Bodywork.org Trainings.

I am on a 15 year inquiry into the nature of being a Human Being.
And what it means to live a fulfilling life as such.

This journey started when I realised I did not know who I am and what being a human actually is.

This journey lead me to turn down a scholarship for the #1 Law-University in Germany and study Philosophy and Psychology.
I quit my developing academic career when it hit me that what I am after is embodied insight, not cognitive understanding.

I am since exploring Human Nature and what it takes to live a joyful life.

  • I have worked as a Coach, Workshop Facilitator and “interesting dude people like to talk to”
  • Spent a month alone meditating in a forest,
  • Travelled the world,
  • Lived and travelled with multiple spiritual teachers,
  • Trained in various disciplines,
  • Lead more than 150 Workshops in 6 different countries,
  • And worked with hundreds of people in Groups or Sessions


I have found more beauty, strength and wisdom in myself and other people than I could have ever imagined.

And I have explored depths of pain, hatred, shame and fear of life in myself that I never knew existed.

It has given me freedom, joy and hope. And I am continuously humbled by my own darkness and all the patterns I have to hide it.