Unfolding Self Sessions
with Anita Wagner

In her sessions, Anita is present with curiosity and patience. 
She offers a lot of space to get to know your Self and your parts better.

With her gentle, caring and yet clear manner, she supports you in exploring your own parts and their relationship to your Self.

Since her youth, Anita has been organizing and leading various groups, from youth groups, sports and meditations to massage classes. Since 2020, she has been assisting with the Holistic Bodywork training according to the Beaumart concept and since 2021 with the Unfolding Self courses of Lucas Forstmeyer.

Within the 3-month Unfolding Self course I took with Lucas in 2019, many of my previously familiar perspectives changed. I learned to look at myself and my own parts with a clearer view and gained more understanding and compassion for patterns and conflicting behaviors of my fellow humans and myself through the perspective of IFS. Since then, the parts work flows naturally into my sessions. Again and again I experience it as a small miracle when parts and Self meet.

At the beginning of 2021 I also started to offer explicitly Unfolding Self Sessions. In these session I accompany you to explore your parts and self with the IFS tools and learn to use the tools yourself.

As I am still a novice in this field, I offer 75 min sessions for a reduced price of 55 Euros.


  • B.Sc in Cognitive Science at Osnabrück University
  • at the moment: Master program in Cognitive Science with focus on transformative learning
  • organizing, leading and assisting several courses and groups (sports, youth work, meditation, Thai-Massage, Holistic Bodywork …)
  • 3-year Holistic Bodywork Training
  • Student Initiative Sense the Touch – Touch the Sense (Foundation, Management, Guidance)
  • Thanatology & Integrated Cranial Biodynamics with Rosemary Wallace
  • working as individual assistance for the severely disabled