to work with yourself & your clients

Learn Parts Work
Be with your own Parts in need
and help clients transform the places they are stuck

The courses are primarily designed as a professional training for coaches, consultants and facilitators. Some spots are also available for individuals interested in personal growth. 

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I offer 3 courses:

Together they teach a powerful base in Parts Work
  1. Foundations of Parts Work
    Forms the base of the whole training and is required before taking any of the advanced courses.
  2. Exiles & Critics (Advanced Course)
    An exploration into navigating deeper and more challenging Parts as they show up in Coaching – including both Exiles and Critics.
  3. Growth Goals & Purpose (Advanced Course)
    Expanding the paradigm of Parts Work beyond purely working with Parts that are creating challenges. This course focuses on the skills and perspectives needed to find and develop powerful Growth Goals that align our Self Energy with our Parts.

A powerful framework:

Parts Work for Coaches teaches a simple framework for guiding Clients through the deep work needed so that:

  • they can sustainably let go of old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve them 
  • they can align their energy with their goals and projects
  • you can include and honor any Parts in them that are resistant to coaching 
  • you can support your clients to access the deepest resource they have: their Self.
  • your work together can support your clients to re-orient their lives towards deeper goals that aid healing and transformation

Help clients connect to their Self

& work with their own Parts

All humans and therefore all our clients have the resources needed to change—on the inside

Parts Work is built on the assumptions, that:

  1. Our problems are created though Parts (sub-personalities) who think they need to protect us from threat or pain
  2. All parts, no matter how limited or damaging their behavior, have a positive intent for our system—but are lacking specific information, compassion or support to change their behaviour
  3. We all have a Self, a spiritual core that we can learn to connect with more deeply. This is our deepest resource and when connected to it, we can help our Parts to relax and find more aligned ways of being in the world. 

The core of the model:

Learning to connect to our Self & Self-energy and helping our Parts let go of any outdated roles and unhelpful behaviours they have been stuck in.

All courses have a similar structure:

The entire training is built in a very intentional way, focusing on 

  • high quality content (videos, illustrations, scripts)
  • many different options for personal exploration and experiences (meditations, journaling, embodiment practices…)
  • a supportive group context for learning, practice, feedback, demos & questions (including a group chat for sharing & questions between sessions)
  • a big emphasis on partner practice and exploring the tools for yourself
  • and practical support to help you integrate the new tools into your current practice.

Learning anything new is difficult enough. So my goal is to make this step as simple and playful as possible. 

For that I use lots of drawings in my materials to help you get the core dynamics of the techniques as easily as possible, and for you to apply them in your unique way in sessions.

The Cornerstone of the Training:

Learn the Basics of Parts Work.

  • Identifying Protective Parts as they are coming up
  • Unblending from activated Parts
  • Unfolding Self-Energy
  • Building a relationship with difficult Parts
  • Negotiating with Parts

This is the base of the whole training.
It is a requirement to participate in the Advanced Courses.

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