For the non-therapists using Parts Work!

This Course builds on the Foundations Course

Participation is only available to students who have participated in the Foundations Course #1.

The Course is designed for Coaches and is not a replacement for a complete training in Internal Family Systems THERAPY. 


Why should Coaches learn
to work with Exiles?

Short answer: Because they come up.

Even as we work with protectors, polarizations etc… we are working on the balance of the system which inevitably affects and touches reasons for the protectors and polarizations: The Exiles

So we need to know how to work with the deeper layers of the system.

Exile Drawing 1
Working with Protectors during a Coaching Session

Even as we work with protectors, polarizations etc… we are working on the balance of the system which inevitably affects and touches reasons for the protectors and polarizations: The Exiles

They often carry our painful emotions, beliefs or other burdens.

And they have a longing to be seen.

Because of this Exiles will regularly come up – which can mean that they  flood the system or bring up strong reactions in our Protectors. 


Exile Drawing 2
Exiles can get triggered and flood the system


When this happens the worst thing we can do is withrdraw, panic or make the parts and clients feel like something is wrong.

And when they do, we should know how to handle them and be confident in our skills.

  • Strong emotions
  • Child parts
  • vulnerable parts longing to be seen
  • Inner Critic re-affirming the Burdens.

That is part of our responsibility.


Exile Drawing 3
We can confidently and skilfully work with that

And thus help them have a new and helpful experience.

Feeling welcome.

Feeling safe.

Even though we may not get all the way to the bottom of the Exile.

And not get stuck in the emotion or inner critic attack.

Exile Drawing 4
And help Clients and Exiles have a new experience

This course teaches you how to
confidently be with Exiles
should they show up in your Sessions.

Based on IFS, the Internal Family Systems Therapy. 

It teaches you the necessary understanding, tools and questions you can use in your regular sessions to help clients when deeper Parts are showing up.


It uses the same Same teaching principles
as the Foundations Course

It focuses on: 
  • How to recognise exiles showing up
  • How to witness them without blending to much
  • How to help the part to have a new experience here & now without having to learn everything about the past (as this may not be part of your coaching agreement)
  • Understand Boundaries of your practice vs therapy
  • How to integrate this into other coaching in a grounded and normal way
  • How to recognise critics and their dynamics

Who am I?

My name is Lucas Forstmeyer. I am trained in IFS, different meditation practices and body-based therapy, and I lead workshops & sessions across Europe.

My background includes studying Psychology, training with a Sufi-Teacher and co-teaching the trainings that teaches bodyworkers how to work with Developmental Trauma (amongst many other things!)

I am truly excited about this training, because I see the positive impact this IFS-inspired form of Parts Work has on how coaches work – and thus their clients’ lives.

Speaking from personal experience, I can see how these tools have helped me to:

  • Deal with some of the deepest Parts and Patterns of my life — from rage to fear of intimacy.
  • Integrate my deep spiritual experiences into a more normal ‘day-to-day’ experience of Self
  • Be much more compassionate with myself and my clients – understanding the deep positive intent in Parts’ behavior. 

It has changed my practice and I have seen it change the practice of many people who have participated in my courses.

My biggest hope is that more humans can benefit from these wonderful tools and walk this earth with more presence, compassion and personal power.



Next Course:

18.08. – 10.11.2022

The 7 Live Calls take place on Thursdays,
19:00 – 21:30 CET (Berlin time).

What you get

  • 7 Live Calls
  • 6 Live Tutorials – for extra practice lead by Anita Wagner
  • Small group with a max of 26 participants
  • Partner practice between the sessions – to deepen your practice and skill — and to get experience and feedback
  • 2 videos explaining the most important concepts, tools and coaching-tips before each session
  • Recommended reading for each session
  • 1 Guided Meditation for each session
  • Material to establish an individual journaling practice using these simple tools
  • Explicit embodiment practices for each step covered in the course
  • A private chat group in which your questions will be answered and for support between sessions (I take this aspect of the training very seriously. Getting your questions answered and perspectives on your experiences, as well as that of your peers, can be one of the most important elements of being in this group). 

You will need to invest time and energy for this course. You cannot expect to learn these tools and reap the benefits without practicing, studying and contemplating what we are doing in this course.

So please, only get in touch with me if you know you can invest 2-5 hours each week for study and practice (not per day as some people seem to read…)

Cost of the course: 

500 Euros

(If money is an issue, please reach out to me!)


Write to me, if you are interested in the Course.
I will answer all questions and am happy to have a conversation
to see if this is a fit for you.

Registration re-opens in Summer 2022

If you’d like to be kept in the loop for when registration opens again, please sign up to my newsletter.


  • ‘Self’ refers to our Essential Being, our spiritual core beyond personality and subpersonalities.
  • ‘Parts’ refer to the different sub-personalities we all have, each with its own way of feeling, perceiving and acting in the world. 
  • ‘Patterns’ refers to a specific type of behavior that creates suffering in a person’s life. Each one of us has different patterns that are active in our life.