The Unfolding Self

Online Courses dedicated to exploring our Self
– who we really are –

How are the Courses structured?

Therapeutically informed Tools

Each Course teaches Tools and Theory based in Internal Family Systems Therapy - Learning how to be with even the most difficult Parts & Patterns.

Exploring Together

The spirit of these Courses is one of Shared Exploration - rather than fixing our "flaws" or "self-improvement". Being present together and using clear tools we explore how to bring more depth to our life.

The Self-Unfolding

The Self is our biggest Resource and an inexhaustible mystery. That is why these Courses offer each participant a personal journey to unfold their unique experience of Self and Essence.

The Unfolding Self
Introduction Course

3 Months, online

– small group size

– closed for 3 months
– getting all the basic tools

The Vision


People supporting each other

Ongoing exploration

Taking our Topics and parts where we need healing serious

But also taking serious where we can unfold into more depth of our beauty.