The Unfolding Self

3 month online course
12.08 – 31.10.2019

This Online Course is dedicated to exploring our Self
– who we really are – 
being in Self together and learning how to live from there more in our daily life. 

You are invited.

With your Self & Essence.
With all your Parts & Patterns.


This Course is designed for anyone looking for a grounded approach that deepens their connection to the innate presence & aliveness of their Self (Essence, Being, who they really are…) in the situations and relationships that really matter.

If you are looking for a practice that 

  • invites you to truly be yourself – both in your power and your smallness 
  • integrates the exploration of our spiritual nature with compassion for the parts in us that are frozen in time
  • goes beyond grand concepts of self-help or spirituality and offers precise and practical tools to work with our challenging inner parts and patterns
  • emphasizes our Self as the most important inner resource  – that our connection to who we really are can grow and we can learn to take care of ourselves and our lives from there 
  • knows that growth needs to be based on real work with the parts and patterns that are currently holding you back in your life


Gracefully deepening into our own experience of Self/Essence INCLUDING all Parts & Patterns that are present within us and the people we are exploring with. 

It teaches a unique form of partner-exploration called “Shared Self-Exploration” that integrates Circling & IFS. This practice is simultaneously:

*open & surrendered – we are working with what is authentically alive in each of us – all parts & patterns, all of our Essence is welcome. 

* offering clear tools – we use and practice therapeutically informed tools to hold our parts & patterns so that we can both understand them more deeply as well as help them relax

Through it we can learn to

  • Deepen into our authentic experience
  • Gently unblend Parts from Self
  • Hold & exploring old patterns of being that are showing up
  • Open towards the natural qualities and powers of our Essence at a rate that our system can digest and integrate

As a Group the intention is to be in Essence together.

But rather than pretending to be enlightened beings without flaws and pain, this means being truly human: In connection with the powers of our Self and owning our patterns & parts, appreciating where they think they need to protect and shield us. All parts and patterns are welcome – we simply want to hold them from a deeper level of Being.

What people say about my work


This course is what I wish I had discovered 10 years ago. Because in my experience this form of exploration allows us to develop a real connection to the deeper layers and powers of our Self – a connection that enables us to live, act & relate from deeper levels of power, freedom and clarity. 

The insights behind this course have changed my world to the better in numerous ways:

  • I have so much more compassion with myself since I really GOT that each part in me has a positive intent, even if the results of its behavior are sometimes incredibly painful
  • I have learned to hold my vulnerability and anger so that even in situations in which I get incredibly triggered I now have options I could not have even imagined 2 years ago
  • I have learned to share what is actually happening in me and listen to others with genuine openness and curiosity so that my personal relationships have depth and fulfillment
  • I have bathed in depths of Being that bring peace to my daily life as a baseline on which the rest of my life is unfolding. 

And I have seen similar things happen in clients I have been working and exploring with. 

I hope that through this course you will experience how powerful and beautiful you really are. And that you will take the tools this course offers you to walk your very own path towards a Self-led life that truly fulfills YOU.


My name is Lucas.I am trained in both IFS and Circling and have been leading Workshops & Sessions across Europe. 

My background includes Studying Psychology, training with a Sufi-Teacher and co-teaching the Holistic-Bodywork training that teaches bodyworkers how to work with Developmental Trauma (amongst a lot of other things!).


  • Intimate group size with 6 participants
  • 6 x 2 Hour Group Meetings
    • DATES
  • 1 Video-Lesson explaining the most important concepts before each Session
  • Recommended reading for each Session
  • A private chat group in which your questions will be answered and you can get support between the Sessions (I take this very serious. I think getting your questions answered and perspectives on your experiences can be one of the most important parts of being in this group!)
  • A plan for Buddy-practices between the Sessions – to deepen your practice and exploration


You will need to invest time and energy for this course. You cannot expect to learn these tools and reap the benefits without practicing, studying and contemplating what we are doing in this course.

So please, only get in touch with me if you know you can invest 2-5 hours each week for your study and practice.

Cost of the Course: 250 Euros (this reduced price will only be available for the Beta-Test, as I am still perfecting the course.).

Who is leading this Course?

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