Self-Energy and the Art of being connected to our Self

These are musings about what it means to be connected to our Self, have access to our and how we can learn to cultivate both. The map I am using here is derived from the Internal Family System (IFS) but could also be taken from many different spiritual schools.  Basically: We all have a True […]

What Personal Growth can learn from Internal Family Systems

This article is about what Personal Growth can learn from IFS.  IFS stands for Internal Family Systems, a modern approach to therapy that is based on a very user-friendly approach to working with inner parts. I want to present one of the fundamental perspectives in IFS and how it can benefit people interested in their […]


This article covers the steps of the IFS-Approach (Internal Family Systems) to therapy. I also want to introduce an image to visualize these steps (and then geek out about that image a bit…) What is IFS and what are these steps? IFS or Internal Family Systems is both a model of our mind and psyche […]

Introduction to the Steps & Questions of IFS-Therapy (PDF)

This article offers an introduction to the Internal Family Systems Therapy. For this it covers the most important Steps and Questions used in the IFS-Approach.  You find the complete article PLUS the most important questions for every step of IFS-Therapy here:  Download this article (including questions) as a PDF What is IFS and what are […]